Legal Cash Practice

Cash is once again King!
With this educational program, learn the why and how of implementing a compliant cash practice regardless of patient type (including beneficiaries of Medicare or other federal healthcare programs). Improper implementation could expose you to fines (for Medicare patients) or other liability (patient disputes, licensure liability etc.). This 90-minute-long program includes the education as well as necessary forms for compliant cash practice implementation that provides complete flexibility over your fees without requiring patient memberships at additional patient expense. Direct consultation on these strategies would normally cost over $500.00. Now, you can access the information for only $349. Even if you have heard it live at one of our KDT Advanced Training programs, it is valuable to listen again to ensure complete understanding.

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Michael D Miscoe, JD, CPC, CASCC, CUC, CCPC, CPCO, CPMA, CEMA, AAPC Fellow

Practice Masters Inc.

Mr. Miscoe has nearly thirty years of experience in healthcare coding and over twenty-five years as a forensic coding, documentation and compliance expert in civil and criminal cases.

He has an extensive national speaking background and has been published in numerous national publications on a variety of coding, compliance and health law topics.  His knowledge and expertise in the forensic analysis of documentation, coding, billing, and other compliance matters permit Mr. Miscoe to better understand and more efficiently address these issues for his clients.


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